Meron Campbell

Name: Meron Campbell

Nickname: Moo, Martin, Moron, Ronnie

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Eggs!

Favorite TV Show: New Girl

Favorite Movie: No Tears For The Dead

Born in New Haven, Meron has lived in Connecticut for her entire life. Most often, she can be found in her room writing fiction stories, drawing in her sketchbook, or watching copious amounts of anime in one day, all while procrastinating doing homework; the skill she is most notorious for. With a booming voice that can literally be heard from the A wing to the C wing, Meron spends most of her time laughing, trying to stay joyful and positive throughout the school day (granted, this isn’t always successful). If you listen hard enough during a school day, you’ll most likely be able to hear her hyena-like laughter from just about anywhere.