Black, White, and Blue All Over

By Manal Mahamat

On Thursday, October 17, several models outfitted Ralph Lauren’s 2014 Spring collection.  The show opened with a series of black and white ensembles, which included school girls with ties and knee-high socks, windowpane plaid, and striped blazers.  The next portion was in stark contrast to the first – there was an array of bright colors, like cobalt blue, neon-orange, lime-green, acid-yellow, and emerald.  The fresh colors and designs fit perfectly with Lauren’s 1960’s vibe.  He presented this style through his shirting collars and other tailoring.  Throughout the show, Lauren reused many of his prints on several of the handbags and separates.
Mod styling, a popular style in the 1960’s, was a striking theme throughout this show. It appeared several times in the Ralph Lauren 2014 Spring collection.  It was present on many short shift dresses, which have a rectangular shape.  Like the shift styling of the 1960s, the dresses seen in the 2014 exhibition were short and were sewn with modern technique.
Lauren’s men’s collection was more confusing than that of the women.  The men’s collection consisted of outfits similar to costumes – it contrasted with the more natural style of the women’s collection. Lauren’s women’s clothing designs gave a different feel, but, like the male collection, it was luxurious.
The last section of the collection focused on evening wear.  One of the most elegant and memorable looks of the evening was the cobalt blue, strapless dress that Victoria’s Secret’s angel Karlie Kloss wore. The dress trended on twitter and other social media sites just seconds after its display.   After that, viewers were shown a plunging red gown, which is a common style in Lauren’s collections.
Overall, Lauren focused on accessorizing his designs, which was evident in many of his handbags. At the show’s conclusion, the designer himself walked down the runway, and the audience screamed with enthusiasm.  Lauren’s simple, chic designs once again impressed. 

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