Gravity Movie Review

Unknown Author

Gravity is, hands down, one of the most stunningly beautiful films I’ve ever seen. The CGI here is phenomenal and is complemented perfectly by some outstanding camera work. Sadly, the praises for Gravity are only skin deep. Though full of eye-candy, the film is plagued by a substandard plot and dialogue that is too cringe-worthy to justify its sparsity.

The plot of Gravity can be deduced simply by looking at its poster or viewing one of its trailers. A group of astronauts tasked with repairing the Hubble Space are sent drifting in space after missile debris caused by (you guessed it!) the Russians destroys the American shuttle. From there, the plot becomes fairly linear and is dotted with infrequent but tense action sequences. The real downfall of this film, however, is the scripting. Sandra Bullock’s dialogue is simply terrible and corny as anything. On the rare occasion when she does open her mouth, what comes out is not always pleasant. If you are able to get passed some awful writing and simply enjoy Gravity for the visual masterpiece that it is, then I would recommend giving it a watch. Verdict: 3 / 5