Best Last Minute Gifts on a Budget

By Isabella Baldoni

By: Isabella Baldoni

Admit it–there are some people on your list that you just can’t find gifts for. They’re absolutely impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, but you’re on a total time crunch and high school budget, which makes it seem pretty impossible. However, you’ve come to the right place! Your last minute search is over- we’ve found five of the season’s best budget gifts. We’ve got something for everyone! (And if all else fails, hey- ou can always go with chocolate!)

That one friend who can’t put their phone down: You know. The one person who can’t seem to just put the phone down, the friend that treats that hunk of silicon as an appendage. You know what they need? A Beanbag Cellphone Chair- why not give their phone the V.I.P treatment it obviously deserves? $9.99, ThinkGeek


a cute beanbag cellphone chair

Also– todoki Phonzies- $4.99, ThinkGeek

For the incredibly forgetful: He walks in with his shirt on backwards, his shoes untied, and his homework in his gym bag. Who knows what else he could’ve forgotten? Give him a gift he’ll really use- Instant Underpants! Even if they forget the-um- essentials, your ingenious gift will have them covered! $3.50, Archie McPhee


instant underpants

For the ones who can’t wake up:  
She sleeps like a rock- the house could be on fire and she’d slumber peacefully. And she’s definitely not a morning person- but you’re gonna get her a gift that’ll give her that extra kick she needs before school. With ShowerShock Caffeinated Body Soap,  a shower’s all it takes to get hyped up about the day- and you’ll smell like peppermint! $6.99, ThinkGeek


showershock caffeinated soap

For your botanist boyfriend: If you’re stumped on what to get your significant other for Christmas, search no further- you’ve found the perfect idea.With this easy-to-grow bean, it’s easy to express how much you love someone- after 3-5 days of watering, sunlight, and love, this little bean grow, and your special friend will read the words I Love You written on the sprout! And hey, maybe you can buy a bunch and start a love garden! $6.99, ThinkGeek


DIY I Love You Bean

For your brother, who wishes he was in The Walking Dead:Although I prefer my dead to stay six feet under, we all know that one person who’s just dying for the zombie apocalypse to go down. Make sure they’re ready for Armageddon with this zombie body wash- a bag of gooey undead body fluid that smells like sweet shampoo! $9.79, Firebox


zombie shower gel

For the literary nerd in your life: You don’t think you’ve ever seen her without a book in her hand. She quotes Hemingway obsessively, and her bookshelf’s overflowing. What’s better for your bookish BFF than an ampersand necklace? (She’ll know what that is.) $15,  DFTBA Records


Ampersand Necklace