Divergent Movie Review

By Jillian Zaleski


Veronica Roth’s successful book Divergent has now become a Blockbuster hit. It’s no surprise that this five star book turned into an equally awesome movie. But could it be better? It’s no secret that movies change the book, I’ve seen them do it with Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. Whether from small details like Peeta’s amputated leg or large details like Percy using the magic shoes, movie producers will change anything to appeal to their budget and audience.

One of the most distinct changes made to the movie was the capture the flag scene. in the book, Tris was asleep when all the initiates are awoken to be brought to the surprise paintball capture the flag game. However, in the movie, its a surprise to anyone when the Dauntless Leader Eric tells Tris not to come, only for her to chase the train and join them. They also use special ammunition in the movie thats simulates the feeling of being shot with a real gun instead of paint balls. Also, Eric’s team is hiding in a building during the movie, not a field like in the book. And Christina captures the flag in the book, not Tris who does it in the movie. However, despite this, the movie was able to retain the heart warming, surprising Ferris Wheel Scene between Tris and Four. In the movie and book, Tris and Four have a moment climbing the wheel, where he keeps her from falling and she pushes him to his limit. The movie couldn’t portray that moment better.

Another thing the movie changed was her placement test. In the movie, she only faces and tackles the dog, she has two parts to complete in the book. In the book, after she tackles the dog, she is confronted by a man about a fugitive and lies about it, which eliminates her placement in Candor.

Another issue over Divergent the movie, is that they don’t focus on Tris’s relationship with her friends. You don’t see how she feels about them, or them about her. They get jealous of her, she gets frustrated with them, accepted among the dauntless born initiates. In the movie, you don’t feel bad about her killing her friend Will, and Al’s suicide goes half unexplained. Al died in the book because he loved Tris but she did not reciprocate those feelings and he hurt her. He says he has feelings for her in the book.

Furthermore, the movie Divergent, could have changed a lot to make it more accurate. They could have added so much more from the book, making it better. It is already a successful and great movie, they would benefit if they added more to their film.