A Dream to Remember

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” -Thomas Gray

Every now and then, the Dial loves to feature the works of students. Today we have A Dream to Remember by Manal Mahamat.

A Dream to Remember

By: Manal Mahamat

Last night my grandpa came to me

Lighting across an endless sea

He led me with skin so light, it must be the night

It must be the night, I wasn’t seeing right

All he wanted to do was touch my hand

Happiness filled my life in this new land

I could feel his warmth and gentle touch,

I could almost see it when I was small

Grandpa’s house and tall stone wall

But he is here with me in my room

He told to love all that was true

And to achieve all that I could do

Then he was gone, he slipped out like a ghost

You’re the moments I’ll remember the most

My grandpa was the sun and the sea,

Only in my dreams can he come back to me.

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