Once Upon a Time Recap

By Aria Ahmed


The two part season finale starts back in Storybrooke with touching moments from two favorite couples: Regina ( The Evil Queen) and Robin (Robin Hood), and Mary-Margaret (Snow White) and David (Prince Charming). However while these two couples are happy, Hook (Captain Hook) tries his best to convince Emma to stay in Storybrooke but she wants to go back to New York with Henry. They’re cut short upon realizing Zelena’s time portal is still open and both Hook and Emma get pulled in. They end up in the Enchanted Forest around the time when Snow White was still wanted by the Queen. They both know that they cannot change the past or it will affect the future.  They landed at the moment where Snow and Charming first met (where Snow was supposed to steal the engagement ring meant for Princess Abigail) and Emma accidentally makes a noise that causes her mother to flee. Desperately needing to fix what she changed, Emma and Hook find Rumpelstiltskin, who helps them realize they need to get Snow to steal the ring in order for everything to go back to how it was supposed to be. Upon discovering that Snow is trying to get passage on Blackbeards ship, Emma and Hook plan to get her passage on the Jolly Roger instead. So while Emma keeps a drunk past-Hook occupied, real Hook takes his place on the Jolly Roger and convinces Snow White to take passage on his ship.  He tells her, she will need to steal a ring (Charming’s ring).


Snow White plans to sneak into the castle during the formal ball. Hook and Emma go to the ball as well under the aliases Princess Leia  and Prince Charles but unfortunately they couldn’t prevent Charming from catching Snow White. She manages to escape but forgets the ring; Emma finds it instead and is on her way to find Snow White when the guards find her. She is  put in prison but Hook wasn’t caught. Emma is  imprisoned with another woman who refuses to reveal her identity but Emma manages to save them both from their impending execution by picking the lock. Meanwhile Hook is simultaneously trying to figure out how to save Emma and getting her parents love story back in track. He approaches Snow and Charming and let’s them know that the ring is with his “princess” (Emma) in the castle. Hook, Charming, and Red, who Snow called for help, enter the castle and run into Emma and the woman she rescued (which changes the past). Snow is confronting the Evil Queen though and plans on using dark fairy dust against her to turn her into a bug but it’s not a threat to the Queen. Snow’s execution is ordered and Emma, Hook, Charming, and Red watch as she is set on fire.

But if Snow was dead then Emma wouldn’t be alive.Charming realized she used the fairy dust on herself and became the bug flying around near them. With a little help from the Blue Fairy, Snow is changed back to herself and everything is happening like it should, except that Emma changed the past by saving that woman. So she knocks her unconscious to bring her back to the future. Snow and Charming seem to be getting along but then Snow swipes his ring and runs. Charming catches up to her on the troll bridge and when Charming is nearly defeated, Snow helps him out. She bluffs saying that she still has the fairy dust when it’s really just sand but the trolls fall for it. From then on, their love story returns to how it was supposed to be. But Emma and Hook still need to get to the future, so they rush back to Rumpelstiltskin whorefuses to help them, saying that it’s dangerous to know so much about his past,he even created a potion to make him forget it. He sends Hook, Emma, and the unconscious anonymous woman into a vault that they can’t get out of.


Emma opens up to Hook a little, sharing how she knows now by spending a little time with her parents that Storybrooke is her home and she can’t leave it. She also gets her powers back and manages to open the portal back to the future and Hook carries the mystery lady through it. But just as Emma is about to step through, Rumplestiltskin grabs her and demands to know about his son. Emma tells him everything, including how Neal died a hero and pleads with Rumple to drink the potion. He does and Emma goes through the portal and immediately rushes to Granny’s to see her family. There David and Mary-Margaret announce the name of their newborn son, Prince Neal. This touching moment is followed by another, Emma learns that Hook traded his beloved Jolly Roger in order to reach her in New York. This confession brings about the long awaited start of Captain Swan (Emma and Hooks ship-name). Their romantic moment is followed by Belle and Rumples wedding and a sweet moment between Robin and Regina as they enter Granny’s. But their happiness is cut short when it’s revealed that the mystery woman Emma brought back is Robins wife (who was supposed to have been executed). Their tearful reunion brings Regina close to tears too, though obviously for different reasons. She watches her relationship fall apart and blames Emma for this. But back at Zelena’s barn you see liquid flow out of an urn creating a human form. And it’s… Queen Elsa from Frozen!

 *SPOILER ALERT: along with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and

 Prince Hans are also coming to Storybrooke.