Update on Ferguson.. The Fight Isn’t Over

August 9th 2014, 65 days ago,  Michael Brown, an unarmed eighteen year old boy was fatally shot by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was jaywalking with his friend (now a witness to the crime) Dorian Johnson, when Wilson drove up next to them and said, “get the f*ck on the sidewalk.” Johnson then claimed Wilson grabbed Brown by the neck and shirt, and fired off his gun. In a struggle, Brown was able to break free, and with Johnson, started to run away. But Wilson then fired his gun again, shooting Brown in the back, thus immobilizing him. Brown then put his hands above his head and screamed, “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!”. Even though Brown was clearly in a defensive position, Wilson fired his gun again, and again. About 8-10 shots were fired, and Brown died.

Many allegations (whether false or true) have arose about Brown after this horrible event. Such as how he robbed a gas station for cigarettes or candy just prior to being confronted by Darren Wilson. Even if this was proven true and Brown did rob the gas station, should being publicly executed be his punishment? Without a fair trial? Apparently basic human rights have been forgotten in Ferguson, and Darren Wilson is still on paid leave. As of right now, this man is being rewarded for being a killer.

Since the shooting occurred, peaceful protests have come to life all around the St. Louis County, with the chant, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” being said in honor of Michael Brown Jr. The protests were peaceful; until the cops showed up. Armed like military warriors, the police began firing tear gas, rubber & wooden bullets at the protestors in attempts to ‘seek order’. Of course, this has only caused more havoc, and is quite a flashback of 50 years ago, during the civil rights movement (as seen below).

Ferguson 1Ferguson 2

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As of this October, the protests of Ferguson are still going on. And things don’t seem to be lightening up a bit. In fact, on October 8th, another fatal shooting occurred. Vonderrit Myers Jr., an eighteen year old black male, was shot six to seven times by an off-duty police officer. The officer claims that Myers had a gun, came at him in an “aggressive, gang-like manner,” and that shot at him three times before his gun jammed. The officer then fired seventeen times before killing Myers. Many relatives and friends came forward about Myers, saying that he did not have a gun, only a sandwich he had bought ten minutes prior to the shooting. Berhe Beyent, the manager of the store Myers bought his sandwich at, stated Myers did not have a gun on him. “It’s like Michael Brown all over again”, Myers’s cousin stated.

Many people have shown support for those in Ferguson, even people in different countries! Palestinians have shared tips of how to deal with tear gas, and how to make homemade masks, while Hong Kong has even used “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in their most recent protests. Many celebrities have come forward as well as supporters, such as Janelle Monáe, Keke Palmer, Penn Badgley, and more.

The struggle for justice for Michael Brown (and now Vonderrit Myers as well) is still being fought. Protests are occurring in other places as well, such as in Washington D.C. and New York. A vigil was even held in Hartford, Connecticut not too long ago! Don’t think just because you’re not in Missouri you can’t help. Share every piece of information you find (videos of Ferguson, links to articles, livestream links), donate to Michael Brown’s family, and donate food to the school children of Ferguson… Don’t let Brown’s and Myers’ story go unheard, and let justice be served for them. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.

ferguson memorial

A memorial for Michael Brown, which was burnt down and had to be rebuilt.

support for ferguson

Support for Ferguson around the world

ferguson police brutality

Extreme military gear being used against a harmless civilian.

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