Why You Should Listen to 1989 -Review

By Maria Shah

Taylor Swift has been on everyone’s minds these past few months… why? Well, Taylor Swift released her new album 1989 a few months ago, and there is only one way to describe it. Amazing.

Welcome to New York, the first track on Taylor Swift’s album, isn’t just an ode to New York, but an ode to a new Taylor Swift as well. She’s taking a stand against the haters, and isn’t putting up with the unnecessary criticism she gets. The main thing her fans (also known as “Swifties”) were worried about when it came to her going from country to pop, was the loss of her emotional lyrics. Yet, Taylor Swift did not disappoint. Her lyrics are packed with emotion, despite the absence of her signature guitar.

Each song represented a step in her finding herself. Welcome to New York was her welcoming the “new soundtrack” that she was dancing through life with. Songs like Blank Space and Bad Blood were her saying goodbye to putting up with people who wronged her, and showed that while the public sees her as some “crazy” woman, the only ones who were “crazy” were the people who saw her that way. And Clean, the last song on the album, showed the final step, letting go and moving on even though it can be very hard.

Taylor Swift’s takeover doesn’t just give us beautiful songs to jam to, but it also reveals problems we as a society have when it comes to women and young girls. Along with her strong attitude, Taylor Swift brings to light the sexism when it comes to relationships.

Why is Taylor Swift always criticized for writing songs about bad partners, when male singers, like Bruno Mars do it all the time?

Why can’t Taylor Swift break up with people she is uncomfortable with?

This attitude doesn’t only hurt Taylor but young girls as well. Many girls are forced to stay in unhealthy relationships due to the fact that their partner will be made the “victim,” when that isn’t always the case. When we make fun of Taylor Swift breaking up with someone, we promote abuse. When we make fun of Taylor Swift writing a song about her old boyfriend, we promote abuse. When we demonize Taylor Swift for breaking up with someone, we promote abuse.

Taylor Swift’s album isn’t just an album. It is an era. It is an era of girls standing up for themselves instead of hurting themselves. Her album tells people while it’s great to be in a healthy relationship with someone, being on your own isn’t a bad thing either. And her album helps people get through different stages of their lives with powerful lyrics and a great beat.

1989 of course isn’t just about the fans, it is about Taylor Swift as well. It is about her finding herself. While 1989 may have been the year Taylor Swift was born, the album, 1989, is her rebirth.

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