2015 Back To School Fashion Trends

By Nikita Sukmono

The new beginning of a school year is guaranteed to be stressful for any new student, but especially so for the everyday fashionista, as well as for those who want to make a grand impression on their classmates. Keeping up with the latest fall trends and making an effort to look good on your first day or even week will give you that extra boost of confidence as well as add some extra shine.
Old School Casual
While jeans have always been a staple in any teen’s wardrobe, this year’s fall fashion is taking it in a fresh new direction. This fall, you’ll see the return of 70’s and 90’s style denim in newer, more flattering cuts with a modern flair. This includes a lot of high-waist bell bottoms, punk jean jackets (with or without sleeves), and crop tops that one can rock with comfortable ease. This subtle retro twist guarantees cool looks and comfort anywhere.

Rockin’ Kicks
Everybody knows that your choice of shoe can either make or break an outfit. Thankfully, bold shoes are in this year, so be sure to kick your casual style up a notch with some on-trend footwear. Brighten the otherwise drab halls of HHS with a pair of colorful shoes- the bolder the better! Choosing a pair shoes with an attention-grabbing print- combat boots, adorable oxford heels, or sweet ankle booties- will add a memorable pop of color to an otherwise unremarkable outfit.


Tote You So
Even the most devoted academic can be bored by the monotonous stream of generic old backpacks that pass through the hallways. This year, why don’t you class it up a bit by investing in a stylish tote bag? While the price tag on brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors are scary, there’s no shortage of more affordable options. These totes are comfortable on the shoulders, can carry all of your essentials (and then some), and look super chic with any ensemble all year long. (Not to mention they can double as weekender or beach bags for last minute summer trips!)

Get Waisted
Say goodbye to summer’s low- riding jeans and skirts and say hello to high waisted cuts! Higher hemlines help create longer, leaner legs, as well as the illusion of a slimmer waist. This exaggerated silhouette appeals to those of us who want to gain height, and pairs perfectly with the crop tops that we would never be allowed to wear otherwise. They help you cover up to deal with the dress code while giving you that luxe high fashion appeal.

A- Hem!
While classic A- line and skater skirts are never out of style, 2015 promises the popularity of car wash pleats and flouncy hems. Car wash pleats help show of a little leg while still keeping classy, and the flouncy skirts give a young, flirty, and fun bounce to every step.

Of course, no matter what you wear, remember that making an impression is about more than just what you wear! While a great new outfit can boost your confidence, add some pep to your step, and impress some of your classmates, nothing beats your real personality. Show new friends your true colors with a friendly face, funny joke, or some interesting questions. Have as much fun with an outfit as you do with your friends and don’t forget that the best accessory is a smile. Ciao bella!


Image credit ABC Family