Halloween Scares

By Ashley Rosa

It’s Fall and we couldn’t be happier! As if that wasn’t enough excitement the best and darkest holiday is right around the corner… H A L L O W E E N !!!!!!! We have all been waiting for the day in which we get to dress up, scare our friends , and just have a blast . Personally I love those few hours on Halloween night where I can just have fun and not be as careful as I am all of the other 364 days of the year, but there are some things that we must keep in mind. I know you guys are tired of every single person in your life telling you all of the safety measures that you have to take but they are very important especially on a night like this, whether you’re going trick or treating or to a party, remember these important rules.

  1. You must always remember not to leave your drink unattended. Its very easy for us to think that no one will put anything in our drink because we are among friends and all but you never know who is around you and what they might do.
  1. Make sure you know whom you are with. It’s very common to know what your friends costume is and later on find a different person with the same or a similar costume who you assume is your friend. Always make sure you know whom you are leaving with because you don’t want to be in an uncomfortable situation. Many people wear similar costumes and it’s hard to distinguish who is who.
  1. Unless you want all of your things to be stolen don’t leave anything unattended. Its best if you take a cross sided bag that way you always have it around your body and makes it harder for anyone to take it from you! Im sure you love your phone very much and wouldn’t want anything happen to it.
  1. Let your friends or at least one person know where you are going and keep them updated. This way if you take too long or someone wants to look for you they know where to go.
  1. If you’re going trick or treating, don’t eat any candy until you are home and have carefully checked it.
  1. When checking candy, throw out any candy that isn’t in a package, fruit, or candy that has a rip in its packaging/is already open.

That is all folks hope you have a fun and careful halloween night!!!