An Intro To 2017!

Happy new year Hamden High family! Can you believe another year has passed and you’re one step closer to taking THAT BIG leap into adulthood? A myriad of my friends are scared about this ensuing year because it entails college applications, job requisites, and a lot of growing up. Truth be told, I too was and am still nervous about leaving the nest. We will be discovering who we are. However, before you stop reading this and return to your reality, I want to give you one piece of advice that I found particularity comforting; “Fail… Fail again… Fail better”. I read this short speech by Pema Chondron and was instantly inspired because she exclaimed that life is too short and precious to restrict YOURSELVES when in the face of failure. Most importantly, I learned that “failure is in the eyes of the beholder”. meaning that your definition of failure might just mean another opportunity allotted to you. This opportunity is something you would not have experienced if you did not stick to your “schedule”. Don’t get me wrong, schedules are great! In FACT, I make them daily… But you cannot control every facet in your life. Every individual is important and has purpose!  This new year is an exciting adventure that I urge you to look upon with confidence and determination. Lorely Gilmore once said, “You should always face challenges like they’re an exciting opportunity!” This is your year! Do with it what you please.

~Ashley Womack