Tips For Successful Studying!

Are you in desperate need of changing your studying habits? Do you feel like you can read and read chapters of a textbook, but never retain enough information? If this sounds like you, here are ten studying tips that may help you out.

1. Create a Schedule

To ensure that you will be well prepared for your big test, it is usually most suitable to study the material over a longer period of time. This way, it will be instilled in your long-term memory. Think about the date of your test and how many days you have until then, so that you may begin deciding how to divide the material within that span of days. For example, if you only have three days to study for a math test that covers three different sections, it may be ideal to focus on one specific section a night.

2. Determine Your Learning Style

Everyone learns differently! Determine if you are a visual, reading/writing, or auditory learner. You can use those strategies to your advantage when studying, as they will help you better understand your material.


By: Rosa Genao