Safety Week

By: Breanna Therese Westervelt

It the month of September, students and staff participated in a series of drills everyday for a week. It’s no surprise that everyone has completely different ideas about how it went. I’m sure most students agree it was chaos. However, most teachers seem to agree that it went pretty well.

What I viewed during these drills was kids getting pushed into each other, people tripping down the stairs, and exiting the building much too slowly. The descent down the stairs from the third floor took ten to fifteen minutes. In a real emergency we would have to move a lot faster than that.

When asked how he thought the drills went, Je’rell Weaver, a freshman here at Hamden high school, stated, “It was terrible. It was crowded. People were on their phones and tripping. No one took it seriously.”

I completely agree that was one of the major issues. They knew it wasn’t real so they didn’t take it seriously. Instead, they decided to fool around and take their time holding up people who really wanted to get in and out and be done instead of trying to take forever so they wouldn’t have to get back to class.

However, it seems like most teachers could disagree.

“I thought it was perfect, ” said Ms. Aurora. When asked what changes she would have made she said, “They didn’t disrupt class time which was awesome.”

Mr. Perotti, an English teacher here at HHS, believes that the drills are useful but could always use work, stating, “ They are all great drills to empower people in case something ever happens. As with anything, they could still improve.”

No matter how we think the drills went, I think we could all agree that they are extremely useful and they help you feel more prepared if something were to happen.

“We’re more prepared now than ever before because we are considering all situations instead of just one,” stated Mr. Panaroni.

In a real situation, people wouldn’t act anything like they say they would. To be honest, in a real emergency, if we were taking too long to get out of the building, I’m going to stage dive off the railing and you guys could carry me down the stairs. Haha! But an example of that is like when we had the lockdown. Everyone stood in the corner holding back their giggles from something that their friend just told them. I highly doubt that if there were a real emergency you would be worried about the latest ‘yo mamma’ joke.

All in all, I think although we have different opinions on safety week, we could all agree that these drills help us feel safer and more prepared in case of an actual emergency (Even though they can be aggravating at times).

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