Dear Natalie.

I am writing this today because I need help. We are within the last couple of months of school and I can’t find an inch of motivation in me. I came back for full in-person learning this spring and I have been enjoying it. I am able to see some of my friends from the other letter group and socializing is a lot better now. Even though my social life is a lot better, my academic life is barely holding on by a string. Whenever a teacher gives me an assignment, I work on it in class and then when I get home to finish it, it just feels so easy to just not do it. Like I said before, I need help. How can I gain some more motivation? What are ways that you have been able to keep going and push through? 

I hope you can help, 


Hello Anonymous, 

I hope I can help you! This is a very valid situation and I can completely understand where you are coming from. A lot of people have been struggling with staying on task and just finding the motivation to keep going. One way that has helped me is to sit down and get a task done to set aside a treat of a gift for yourself. For example, let’s just say you had an English assignment that needed to be done but you just really didn’t want to do it. Tell yourself that after you get that assignment done, you can watch one episode of your favorite show. Or even tell yourself that you can take a 20 minute phone break after doing the assignment. It is all about setting goals. Another thing that you could try is making a list of the things that you need to get done and set a time limit for yourself. If you need to you can always adjust the time but just always set an initial time. So you will write down the list of the things you need to do and then start working. Every time you get something done, cross it off of the list. The satisfaction that comes with crossing things off of a list is unreal. Basically, it is really important to set goals, time limits and rewards. This will keep you motivated like it has for me. Another quick way to gain some more motivation is to think about how many days there are left in the school year 🙂

I hope this helps,