By Cheveyo Baker

I want to be reclaimed by nature

Taken apart by other worldly bodies

And stored away in gravel stained earth

Rip me of this consciousness I’ve yet to need

And use it for a tree that’ll never grow old

One that’ll never die

That will stand tall and proud

Providing life to those who take it for granted

I, am one who’s taken it for granted

And for that, I’d like to give it back

Collect the tears I weep and fill oceans

Make tidal waves with my sob stories

And tsunamis from my sweat soaked body

Use my blood to quench thirst

And my body to feed the hungry

I am of no use to the outside world

Except of the use, to be used

To be belittled 

To be nothing

Tear my eyelashes away and weave wool blankets

Take my painted nails and paint rainbows across the sky

And take my eyes

The irises

Make it so that those who can’t see Earth’s beauty

Can see it through my vision

A vision that didn’t see beauty itself

But hopes it will be seen through others

Just make sure

I am reclaimed by nature