What Would Happen if….. Midterms Were Canceled?                                                

By: Kevin Mensah

Students of Hamden High are banding together to submit a final plea of sanity. Will they succeed, or will their attempts be deemed trivial?

Hamden High School midterms were originally scheduled to occur during Wednesday, January 26th through the 31st for all grade levels. Midterms are normally taken in all core subjects (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) and are designed to encompass everything students have learned in these subjects since the beginning of the first quarter. Midterms were canceled last school year due to the implementation of the hybrid and distance learning models, which has rendered freshmen and sophomores inexperienced to the format of it. For some freshman and sophomores, this is their first-ever year taking one. Teachers have attempted to compensate for this by organizing reviews for students, but due to the rising covid cases and past safety concerns students still lack a sense of preparedness. The distress of Covid has caused a staggering depletion in our student bodies’ mental health. 

Students from all grade levels decided to take the initiative to create a change.org petition to thwart the midterm schedule. The petition was created under the name “Hamden High Student” and has accumulated over 800 signatures and 750 supporters. One student commented under the petition, “In most of my classes, teachers are hesitant to give sufficient midterm prep because of a lack of students, so even non-Covid positive students aren’t getting the proper preparation for midterms. Another exclaimed, “I have signed because my dad has recently died on New Year’s Eve and I have a baby to take care of and all the work that is piling up on me is insane.” Cora Northrop summarized, “with student’s mental health already being very bad, the extreme uptick in Covid cases causing students and teachers to be quarantined, and the amount of stress already caused by school, there are many reasons why midterms will have a negative effect on students and their health.”

Fortunately, an email signed by Chris Melillo (Assistant Superintendent of Schools), Principal Gannon, and Jonathan Pearce (Director of HCLC) expressing great concern for the well-being of our students and staff was sent to parents. This email announced the cancellation of midterms for Hamden High School and the Hamden Collaborative Learning Center. It was sent to Hamden High parents on January 10, providing extensive information on the updated weighting of the marking periods. What do you think? Do you agree with midterms being canceled? Do you think the change.org petition had any impact on this decision? This is Kevin signing off for “What Would Happen if…?”