Upcoming HHS Events!!

by Georgia Kirkendall

Finally, the air is warming and the birds are singing! The jitteriness of another hectic and arduous school year coming to a close may have you yearning to ditch the textbooks and soak up some Vitamin D instead, but remember that you still have over another month to spend at Hamden High. It is definitely hard to keep up grades in the final quarter, as your attention slips in class and you begin daydreaming about trips to the beach and flamingo floaties. However, this is also the most imperative time to stay vigilant. Especially with the impending… finals. Dun dun dunnn! 

That’s right, Hamden High! Although we canceled midterms, Finals are a go-ahead for June 2022. Before you begin freaking out, know that you will be only tested on information from the second semester (quarters three and four). If you are a senior, finals are yet another reason to keep your head in the game. Having a 90 or better in a class earns you a get-out-of-jail-free card for the final test. When finals take place you’ll get some days off if your grades are strong. Finals will be June 14th – 17th and the days end at 11:30. So even if you have to take exams, you have the afternoon off for fun! Taking an AP exam? These tests are no joke- and for some subjects are less than a week away. Here is the link to the AP exam schedule. College Board is also hosting live review sessions, the dates of which can be accessed here

Finals aren’t the only event occurring at the high school. With the upcoming events, you can still have fun while in school! (Or, at least, avoid drowning in total boredom). Chalk Fest is occurring May 18th, and is open to all grade levels. For seniors, there are a few more activities to enjoy. On May 13th, the class trip will be to Six Flags, so make sure you fill out your forms to attend pronto! The senior outing will be to Holiday Hill on May 23rd, and on May 27th prom will be in full swing at Aqua Turf, from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Hang in there- graduation is on June 22nd. Cap and gowns! Cap and gowns!