A review of We Say #Never Again

by Morgan Collins

This week, the entire country is mourning with the victims’ families from the Robb Elementary School shooting. This gruesome act of violence left 19 children and 2 adults dead. This was just another incident that left Americans wondering why this always happens in our country. Since the incident, there has been much contemplation over whether or not we need stricter gun laws or an increased security presence in elementary schools. Most people are looking for a grain of solace and to comprehend why it seems no progress is being made. Currently in the United States, civilians own over 400 million guns and children are more likely to die from gun violence than in any other country. With those statistics climbing, it leaves people scratching their heads wondering why no one is doing anything about it. The possible answer is maybe the solution comes from places you would least expect. The report We Say #Never Again is told from the student journalists who attended Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Parkland, Florida. This shooting happened only 4 years prior and there are still ongoing investigations. This act of senseless gun violence left 14 students dead and led to many lawsuits due to the failures of the security guards. Although the book focuses on harnessing social media, speaking to the press, and writing effective articles it has a strong message that can resonate with many Americans. This book, We Say #Never Again,  says enough is enough; no child should be afraid to go to school, no child should fall to an act of gun violence, and no child should become another gun violence statistic. The report tells the story from students who were there when the shooting took place and they know exactly how terrifying that moment is. These high school reporters took what was a terrible situation and created a media presence and awareness, and to fight for school shootings to cease in our country. Although they were only amateur  journalists they were able to spread word of their grief to people all around the country and display their message that every child has the right to attend school without fear. Their campaign brought thousands of Americans together in the face of tragedy and shows that sometimes the greatest ideas come from the smallest places.