By Paige Cicero

The start of a new school year brings back old habits. The most prominent of these seems to be e-hallpass. e-hallpass is a, “[…] browser-based online system that is used to manage all pass situations,” according to KCS Bearden Middle School’s website. The general consensus of e-hallpass is that it is not the best solution to the posed problem of people wandering the halls at Hamden High. The following quotes are from students at Hamden High on their opinion of e-hallpass.

“It’s necessary but the way that it’s handled is not necessary.” -Celia Conning, grade 10

“The WiFi never works and it makes it frustrating to deal with.” 

“Paper passes don’t need WiFi so they would be better.” -Mavis Banks, grade 10

When asked what their opinion on paper passes versus e-hallpass was, one student said the following.

“Paper pass is better […] e-hallpass is too complicated, the system is inefficient.” -Shayna Bailis, grade 10

These students bring up the question, would a switch back to paper passes eliminate the added stress from e-hallpass? Is Hamden High School in a position to make a drastic switch like this?


KCS Bearden Middle School | Copyright 2022

Accessed 09/19/2022