By Rayge Coleman


It takes a lot for me,

To open up,

Express myself, 

To whom I fell in love with,

For me to open up,

It takes a lot of trust,

Expressing myself always been the issue, 

For me to open up to you, 

You’re like home,

Someone who makes me feel safe,

Opening up and expressing myself,

Brings the best out of me,

Home is what I would call it


A home isn’t just four walls,

Home can be a person,

My home makes me feel like me,

If I’m struggling with something, 

Home is where I’ll go,

My home protects me from evil,

& this is where I’ll go. 


Holding in the deepest painful hurt,

A pain nobody knows about,

 a pain where you no longer feel okay,

Nowhere to escape expect the same old,

Running away from what’s eating you alive, 

Trying to escape this pain hurts,

But in order to be happy,

You must escape from the pain 


Even though your in heaven, 

I can still feel you here,

I can still remember every detail about you,

I wish you were here,

I will continue life,

And succeed goals in life,

 To make you proud,

Above the sky .


How can you say such words,

To break a woman’s heart,

Now this woman is hurting,

 She is ashamed of her body,

And how and what people think of her,

She never asked for this, 

Love isn’t for her,

She’s just a mother,

Who let her heart get broken many times,

And it hurts,

It hurts for her child to see her go through such pain


No matter how many sins flow down me,

& no matter how many times I let god down,

God is a forgiving person,

He will accept my sins,

After all we are his children, 

So I pray & ask god to accept my sins,

And take me to your river,

& let me come home,


Behind a happy person,

Is a hurting soul,

A person who’s been through so much,

A person who just can’t stand to be sad anymore,

Behind a laughing person,

Is also a crying person,

Who just wants to be happy


Why say such things,

To shatter someone’s soul?

Knowing they have been through so much,

There are people on this earth, 

Who just want to be free,

Who want to be happy,

Don’t take it away from them,

Fix the soul,

Don’t shatter


When I officially close the doors,

 My love for you will be gone,

You never had the time to acknowledge me,

So will it really matter if I’m gone?

You probably never loved me anyways.