Carl Azuz Resigned from CNN

By Morgan Collins

It came as a shock to many people this past year that the beloved Carl Azuz was no longer hosting the new season of CNN. He had been an active host on the show for 14 years and had acquired a huge fan base during that time. From all of the places he lectured, from Idaho, to Michigan, to Florida, he was followed by millions of adoring fans. CNN10 is a staple for middle school history classes or just anyone who wants to get the news scoop quickly. This is why it shocked millions of viewers to see a different host in the new fall season of CNN. 

Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok were filled with comments that Carl Azuz may have died or taken ill. A month into the new season a letter was formally released from Azuz stating that he had left the show for personal reasons and was in fine health. Since then, he has declined meetings with several news outlets such as Buzzfeed. This has caused confusion among his fans about the reason for his departure and whether or not he will return. 

Replacing Azuz in the fall season is former NFL player Coy Wire. He retired from the Atlanta Falcons in 2010 and has since gotten a degree in journalism. He has all the proper credentials to anchor the show; however, many of Azuz’s fans are upset simply because he is not Carl. Wire has big shoes to fill by replacing an anchor who was loved by millions for his puns and positive outlook on news stories. Now, the biggest question is can Coy Wire fill the role of CNN anchor as well as Carl Azuz?