Emma Cornell

Name: Emma Cornell

Nickname: My liege, Queen, Conquerer of the Known Realms, Thiever of socks, Memes

Favorite Color: Hot Pink

Favorite Food: Crème Brûlée

Favorite TV Show: White Collar, iZombie, Criminal Minds, Suits, The O’neals, so much anime, Star Trek Voyager, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, RWBY, Jessica Jones, The Flash, Super Girl, Arrow, Luke Cage, and a lot more.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Originally born in Boston, I’ve moved quite a lot. I’m a fourteen-year-old ninth grader and this is the twelfth school I’ve attended. I love to cook, bake, write, and fold origami. I tend to spend my free time either doing one of these or watching Netflix and video gaming. When asked, the things my friends say about me are “Plaid”, “The love of my life *finger guns*”, “Lorenz”, “a camel or something”, “I just see darkness”, “Dark lord”, “Penguins”, “Glasses”, “Wise”, “Astute rationale”, and “You’re a dork!” (Shout out to Matt Mauriello for being the only one to give straight answers!). I’m an inde/pun/dent girl who loves pick up lines, dad jokes, and funny sounding words. In conclusion; bamboozle, fisticuffs, morose, skedaddle, discombobulated, braggadocios, pettifogger, betwixt, flummoxed, hodgepodge, shenanigans, gobbledygook, and widdershins. Yes, those are all real words.