Georgia Kirkendall


Hi! I am the editor for Hamden’s awesome school newspaper, and I would like to share some information about me. It’s obvious that I enjoy writing, and reading goes hand in hand with it. If you’re ever looking for a good book, come to me. Although I’d probably just force Harry Potter on you. When I’m not found with a hardcover in hand, I like to paint, run, and spend time outdoors with my insanely adorable doggies. If I had to choose between civilization and a furry friend I’d never see a human again.  I feel very strongly about staying current with the news, especially international, as it impacts our lives more than we notice. I jumped onto The Dial team my freshman year, and it’s been amazing writing articles. If you’re looking for a club to join, I recommend the newspaper; it’s super fun and builds useful writing skills.

I write:

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