The Experience of LGBTQ+ Students

Cheveyo Baker       Pride month begins in June. The experience of what it is like to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community in high school needs to be told. The LGBTQ+ community has faced consistent discrimination, homophobia, and hate crimes due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. A goal within our community and our […]

My Plans for Summer Vacation

Kevin Mensah This pandemic has slowly added to the deterioration of the mental health of my peers. Because of this, you may want  to take time for yourself to recuperate and to prepare for the following school year. I plan on further pursuing my hobby of cooking by developing and experimenting with new recipes.  After […]

The Need for Teens

Georgia Kirkendall Not sure what to do with yourself this summer? While the pandemic is dwindling and summer activities that weren’t available last year are starting to open up, for most kids this 2021 season looks as if it’s going to be a bit drab. Thankfully, the job market is opening up, and adding benefits […]

The Black Experience at HHS

Cheveyo Baker Within the past two years, the experience of Black citizens within America has come to light. Through the repetition of brutal police killings and systemic racism, we have seen global protests to end violence and discrimination not only against Black citizens, but many other systematically disadvantaged POC’s (People of Color) and other disadvantaged […]


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