Outcomes of the Midterm Election in Connecticut

By Morgan Collins Anyone who has taken AP government or Civics in our school has learned the importance of the midterm election. For anyone who does not know, a midterm election happens at the halfway mark to the President’s term. Midterm elections could be detrimental to a President’s agenda if the midterm elections do not […]

Korean Comfort Women: the Past and Present of Human Trafficking

By Christine Kim Human trafficking is a major global issue that particularly harms female children. According to the Child Liberation Foundation, over 51% of human trafficking cases involve children trafficked for sex. Although a large amount of human trafficking goes undetected, it has no doubt made its mark as a serious issue in today’s society. […]

Capstone vs. Juniors 

By Morgan Collins It is a common fact that junior year in high school will be the hardest for a majority of students. With the difficult classes and the looming presence of college, students struggle to keep up with the rapidly accumulating deadlines. Not to mention any extracurricular activities a student needs to participate in […]

The Importance of Sleep: A Look Into the Sleep Schedules of Teenagers

By: Magdalena Rogers Sleep is a basic necessity the body needs to function. The benefits of getting enough sleep range from simply having enough energy for the day to fighting off diseases. So, why is something that is so important, so lacking in the lives of most teenagers? High school aged teenagers tend to deal […]


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