The French Dispatch, A Review

Esme Lee Delayed by the pandemic and highly anticipated throughout the cinematic world for over a year, The French Dispatch was finally released in October of 2021. When watching anything by the notable and distinctive director, Wes Anderson, you never quite know what to expect. His movies have only gotten pronounced since his earliest works: […]


by Natalie Binkowski Aries- Take it easy this week. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard and becoming stressed as a result. Put on a facemask and binge watch Friends, it’ll be good for you. Taurus- Make sure to tie your shoes this Wednesday. It’s important. THIS WEDNESDAY. You’ll thank me later. This week, focus on […]

My Unconventional Love

by Cheveyo Baker There was a girl who fell in love with a fire hydrant The red and silver tip There was a girl who kissed a fire hydrant And fell so ill, so sick There was a girl who missed her fire hydrant While she spent her dying days There was a girl who […]


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