This Year’s Oscar Bust

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

By E. A.

This year’s Oscar Awards has the second lowest ratings in the show’s history.  It only had a slightly higher boost in viewership than last year. Murphy’s Law played an award winning role of its own in the February 24th Academy Awards. Anything that could possibly go wrong, did. The Oscars were something people used to watch religiously. Historically, viewers couldn’t wait for the nominees to be announced the same way football fans were held in suspense for the Super Bowl playoff championships.  The troubles began when the prospective host, comedian and actor, Kevin Hart bowed out two months prior to the event due to Hart’s litany of homophobic remarks made during his early stand-up career. A new host could not be found and for the second time in 91 years the show went on without a master of ceremonies.

The show began on a flat note, per se, except nobody could even hear it because the sound system was inoperable. Sound faded in and out through the whole production.  As the actors and actresses came on stage, bad jokes were cracked and the faint laughter seemed forced. The audience appeared bored and seemed like they couldn’t wait to head back to their mansions.  

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the show was the costumes.  Fans always look forward to the sartorial splendor of the world famous designers. At times it felt like we were watching one of The Hunger Games movies, where stylist Effie Trinket created most of the movie stars’ attire. The outfits were hideous.  Some looked like they were worn backwards, while others looked like the actors could just unzip the back and head straight for yoga class. There was even a “tuxedo gown.” Sometimes simple is best and a modest black tux or a simple black gown fits the purpose and the event.

If the Oscars ceremony wants to save itself in the future, it must have a host. It must have styles that do not look like they come off the set of Star Trek. And most of all, the Oscars must have jokes, statements that are made to cause amusement or laughter, otherwise, the Oscars themselves become the joke. If not, the Oscars will lose legitimacy as an annual Hollywood tradition and like an old movie, will only be seen on Turner Classic Network.