CBS Elementary- What is it?

By Maria Shah

CBS’ modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes adds another “must-watch” on the channel’s Thursday night line-up. The BBC’s Sherlock set the bar high for a series like this, but there is no reason to compare the two programs, other than their celebration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his beloved detective, Holmes.

In the series, Jonny Lee Miller portrays detective Sherlock, a former London resident, who lives in New York as he recovers from an addiction. Lucy Liu portrays Dr. Joan Watson, Sherlock’s “sober companion”. They work together to solve the New York Police Dept.’s most difficult cases. Each hides a darker past that they would rather not discuss. However, they leave their respective pasts behind, and their friendship grows. Danger awaits them in each episode, and fans eagerly await a new one each week.