Government Shutdown 2013

By Maria Shah

The government has finally opened its doors last Thursday, the 17th of October, and after a long debate, Congress have finally approved a bill to end a 16-day partial shutdown by deciding to fund the government until January, and raise the debt ceiling until February.


Early Thursday, the battle between Democrats and Republicans was finally ended despite the Republicans efforts to stop Obamacare and demand concessions on the budget.


The shutdown had affected National Parks and monuments, partially closed NASA. Many people weren’t seeing their paychecks due to the event, except Congress who received their paychecks as normal.


Though the shutdown is over, not everything is as good as it seems. The shutdown drained $24 billion out of the economy and the country’s AAA rating is up for review, and may go lower.


Democrats say that they were the decisive winners in this battle, but the American people say differently. Americans believe that they got nowhere, and just wasted time and money. It is very likely that we will see the same events unfold again in January. Congress’ approval rate has also decreased, showing how the American people are very disappointed.


Now we can only wait and see, and maybe next time they will come to a solution.