January HHS Horoscopes


This should be a very stimulating month for you, with the exciting prospect of close friends or romantic partner accompanying you through it. For now it seems that the stars are in your favor.


January brings the risk in a loss of memory for you. Beware of an exponential increase in forgotten assignments and project dates. Take the time to put some more effort in using a homework journal.

You have a very one track mind this month Gemini, plagued with several responsibilities. Take the time to relax and appreciate your few moments of peace and serenity.
With the bitter weather cancer, January provides the needed influence to get you settles in bed with a good book. Don’t be afraid to intellectually stimulate yourself this month, after all, there’s no time like present.
Now is the time to relax and take it easy. Take advantage of this peaceful moment and reintroduce yourself to some old, relaxing hobbies.
Despite whatever complications arise this month Virgo do not threat, and most of all work very hard to not over react to any surprises. Things are only as bad as you interpret them to be
This month will bring forth a change in your intellect Libra, so prepare to be tested. Perhaps is the time to consider staying after with teachers and taking the time out of your social life to study.
This month may not be favorable for athletic endeavors but don’t let that discourage you. Beware of injuries that and learn from your mistakes, this is the month of improvement.
January is your month to try something new, so be open and receptive to the changes coming.
You grow very busy and disorganized Capricorn, do not wait for Spring before cleaning up the clutter. Take the time now and find a reason to reorganize yourself whether physically or mentally before the objects of Valentine’s Day come to distract you
Take the time to appreciate the mundane things in life, perhaps you’ll find yourself more grateful than you realize. In the season of nature’s death, think of Spring’s beauty and be grateful.
January is a stressful month with the risk of family suffocation. Take the time to both appreciate them and get away from them so you do not unleash your frustration on them.