Violence On and Off the Field- NFL Domestic Violence Policy

Violence On and Off the Field

Carina Scher

Towards the end of August, in 2014, the NFL announced its new policy on domestic violence. After the Baltimore Raven’s running back, Ray Rice, was arrested for this offense earlier that summer, he was only suspended from two games. NFL commissioner Roger Goodwel was criticized for the way the National Football League had handled the player’s disciplining. Goodwel admitted that they could have done better and revisited the issue. In a letter to the NFL team owners Goodwel states the new harsher policy on Domestic Violence.

If one commits an act of domestic violence the penalties are as follows:
-A six-game suspension without pay for the first offense
-A lifetime ban for the second offense
This new policy applies not only to players, but to all NFL personnel, including owners and executives.

Though questions about what will qualify as a first offense still remain unanswered, and not all the details of the improved policy have been worked out yet, the NFL has again shown that players have strict standards too. The NFL has made commercials to make their opinions on domestic violence known.
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