If Hamden High Teachers Were Parks and Rec Characters

By Isabella Baldoni

To honor the final season of  everyone’s favorite (!!!) show, Parks and Recreation, we’ve gone around and matched all our favorite teachers with all of our favorite characters!

Leslie Knope:

109 116

Ms. Young

“I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies.” -Leslie Knope

Ben Wyatt

113 anigif_enhanced-buzz-8056-1381516143-25_preview

Mr. Dole

“You know, “nerd culture” is mainstream now. So, when you use the word “nerd” derogatorily, it means you’re the one that’s out of the zeitgeist.” – Ben Wyatt

Ron Swanson

114 117

Mr. Vece

“I like saying no. It lowers their enthusiasm.” -Ron Swanson

April Ludgate

121 april-owl

Ms. Frumento

“I declare that everything you are saying is stupid.” -April Ludgate

Andy Dwyer


Mr. Hodgkins

“I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything.” -Andy Dwyer

Ann Perkins

120 Rashida-Jones-Parks-and-Recreation-Ann-Perkins

Ms. Coffman

“Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but god, at what cost?” -Ann Perkins

Chris Traeger


Mr. Giansanti

“I have a resting heart rate of 23 beats per minute. The scientists who study me say my heart can pump jet fuel up into an airplane.”- Chris Traeger

Jerry Girgitch


Mr. Coss

“One can never have enough socks.”

Love these comparisons? Got any better ones? Leave a comment below of your ideal HHS Parks casting!