March Horoscopes

By Ashley Womack

Aries: Right  now you may be having trouble concentrating, because you are too busy imagining. Do not worry, this just is not the time to work on anything too complicated, enjoy your “vacation” time while it lasts.

Taurus: Soon, more responsibility will have been added to your plate, and it may seem intimidating rather than inspiring but don’t give up hope! This change in your life will turn for the better.

Gemini: Your dreams tonight may offer you a glimpse of the future, although the message you receive may not be so straightforward.

Cancer: You may not trust someone right now or in the near future, but give it some time. Over time you may realize that this person was poorly judged.

Leo: It may seem that a lot of people are acting irrational in your life right now, but look at this through their eyes. Try to lighten up and enjoy the flow, it will do you some good to think irrationally for a change.

Virgo: How are you feeling, Virgo? If you aren’t feeling at your best emotionally, don’t worry because the worst is over and someone or something will enter your life and change it for the better.

Libra: Embrace what life is about to hand you, because preconceived ideas are never healthy.

Scorpio: Have you been making excuses a lot lately, for someone in your life? Put on your big boy/girl boots and confront them, because their answer might surprise you.

Sagittarius: Give yourself a chance to daydream today, you deserve it, because lately you have been working extremely hard in a part of your life.

Capricorn: You should avoid an argument today if you can, not that you don’t have the right to say what is on your mind, but this is the wrong time to do so.

Aquarius: You are about to receive a gift in your life. But be careful of the strings attached to this “ gift”, it may not be what it looks like.

Pisces: You have been evaluating someone or something in your life from a skewed perspective. It may seem perfectly clear but there are some factors you haven’t discovered or understand. Allow yourself to relax and it will be easier to have a more balanced view