Harry Styles CONFIRMED for After-Prom!

Attention all prom goers, for those of you who think that you are better off going to a friend’s party instead of the After-Prom the PTSA provides, think again. According to the President of the PTSA, who wishes to remain anonymous, the PTSA was able to pull some strings and convince the one and only Harry Styles to perform at our small town After-Prom as a solo act. Apparently, the president of the PTSA is cousins with One Direction’s tour manager and was able to call in a favor, the least they could do since they started fundraising so late in the year.

   However, Harry Styles solo act in Hamden High might be the first step in Harry breaking away from One D after Zayn just left. Yet at the same time, the beloved Brit hasn’t eluded to anything and only commented that, “It’s the least I could do for our tour manager, putting up with us and all on tour. I’m not looking to take my career in a new direction, I just wanna have a good time.” To everyone who plans on going to the Prom alone or with their friends, you never know, you might get the chance to dance with Harry Styles himself when he isn’t on stage. At the moment, nothing is for certain on how many songs Harry will be singing or when he will actually arrive to the After-Prom but there is a likely suspicion Harry is going to debut some new songs and make a very special entrance guaranteed to get everyone’s attention.