Taylor Swift’s Secret Wedding! Exclusive Look Here!

By Maria Shah

Taylor Swift has been known for her inability to stay with a man, but it seems that she officially tied the knot with the one and only Joe Biden last weekend! It seems Taylor’s “thing” for younger men has finally wore off and all she needed was someone a little older.

Of course, the main question on everyone’s minds is how they were able to keep this so quiet… and doesn’t Joe Biden have a wife? “I don’t understand it myself” says Swift who was happily showing off her ring “Of course, I’m grateful it was kept quiet because I knew the press would take every chance to start saying some ridiculous things, but I wasn’t really trying to hide it either… me and Joe were very open about our relationship.” Of course, when this was heard, everyone was shocked. They were open yet it still slipped under the media’s noses. Linda Park, a sociologist from Columbia calls it the Opto-Effect. “It’s when we have had this idea of something not happening so set in our minds, that even in plain sight we cannot see it.” The opto-effect definitely hit the world hard, for there is so much evidence that Taylor Swift and Joe Biden were head over heels in love with each other, yet we could not see it.

The next issue is the fact that Joe Biden is married… or was married. In an exclusive interview with ABC, Joe Biden says how he divorced his wife soon after he realized his feelings for Swift, however they both mutually decided it would be better if it was not publicized, so that Swift and Biden could live without any disturbances. “I went to my wife… and told her my feelings and she was supportive and said that love couldn’t be controlled. It was then I understood why I married her in the first place, she was so understanding. Jill and I are still talking,” Biden explained “I can easily call her one of my best friends despite what has happened.”

While the wedding itself was very private, and open only to close friends, it was definitely an extravagant affair. CBS talked to Swift’s best friend Abigail who told them everything about it “There were beautiful fountains and the statues were replaced with figures of Taylor and Biden happy together.” Tears started welling up in Abigail’s eyes “I’m just so happy that she’s happy. It’s been so long since she’s been with someone who loves her for who she is!”

wedding photo 1

Taylor Swift rocks her dress made by the one and only Alexander McQueen

Taylor Swift’s dress was unforgettable and was seen after the wedding during an extra photo shoot she did for it. The makers of Kate Middleton’s dress were also involved in Taylor’s dress. “We wanted a really nice dress for Taylor. We noticed Taylor has a very warm personality to her, and we wanted to show how her past is involved with what she is today. This is what inspired adding sleeves. We originally were going to leave them out, since Taylor is quite a modern girl, however we needed something to show where she came from.” Alexander McQueen said. “We decided to go with a nice floral lace with a fitted top, which is more modern and a ‘poofy’ ball gown skirt that is a little more traditional. We pulled it together with a floral sash which we almost saw as tying her to her roots while at the same time, letting her be free.

wedding 2

…. April Fools!

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