4 Facial Beauty Hacks You Wish You’d Known Sooner

By Isabella Baldoni


We all know that feeling- when you walk out of the bathroom in the morning with your eye makeup looking like it was done by a professional, but by the end of the day it looks more like it was done by your younger sister. If this has ever happened to you (and don’t lie, it has) this life hack will make your morning routine a lot longer lasting. Use nail polish on your eyelids to get a vivid, no-fade color that will last all day! Not only are there endless color varieties to choose from, (many more than are available for normal, boring eyeshadows) its versatility truly seals the deal. Not only can you get long lasting eyelid color, your eyeliner game will be stronger than ever!

Try: Sally Hansen Quick Dry Polish, $4.59


How many times have you spent hours in the bathroom mirror, attempting to pop those pesky blackheads that plague your forehead? Probably more times than you should have, considering this easy solution. Use bleach! We all have it somewhere in our homes, be it in our laundry rooms or under our kitchen sinks- little did you know that it should be in your bathroom, next to your Proactiv! The same properties of bleach that remove tough stains from your fabrics also remove those stubborn blackheads from your face in a snap. Just pour a generous amount onto a napkin or sponge, apply liberally to your problem zones, and let it sit overnight!

Protip: Mix ammonia with the bleach to remove pimple-inducing oils!

We all get a little dry sometimes. After washing our face with some heavy duty scrubs, soaking it overnight in bleach, or even after a quick rinse with water, we can feel that uncomfortable skin crispiness. We all know that the best thing to put on a dried out face is the heaviest lotions you can find, just to make sure all your pores are plugged so no more air can escape. If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of buying all sorts of face creams that just aren’t thick enough. And if you’re like me, this will be the best news you’ve ever heard- you can use gasoline! It’s very thick and greasy, and will replenish your skin’s natural oils in a snap. If that doesn’t get your heart racing, here’s another benefit of using gasoline as your moisturizer and toner- its opaque, brownish color also serves as an instant tanner! It’s also super cheap- $2.50 per gallon? That’s half the price of just a tiny bottle of the store-bought moisturizers! And don’t mind the heavy scent of motor oil. That just means it’s working.
DIY Craft Idea: Make a trendy storage container for your big red gasoline tank!


Some of us are a little too oily to be able to use gasoline on our complexions! We’ve all tried those Amazonian clay face masks at some point or another, but to what avail? We’re still oily by the next morning, and mattifying foundation never seems to work. So what’s a girl to do? Well, the answer is nearer than you think. Use literal cement! It’s simple to make- just go to your local Home Depot and ask for the cement department and buy a tub or two! Mix it with water (or bleach, if you want that double blackhead busting power) and slather it all over your face! It may take a while for it to dry completely, but when it does, it’ll be worth it!
Disclaimer: Don’t actually try any of this! The Dial is not responsible for any injuries you may sustain from attempting these techniques!