Star Wars Day.. May the Fourth Be With You.

By Collin McDonald

In a galaxy far, far away… There is a holiday known as Stars Wars Day! That’s right, for those that did not know Star Wars strikes back with nostalgia this time of year thanks to the day that was commemorated in the mega franchise’s honor.

When the first Star Wars movie, Star Wars: A New Hope debuted, the film industry changed forever. This revolutionary film included special effects that people of that time had never seen before. The first Star Wars movie introduced us to a world that looked and felt like it was closer than what “a galaxy far, far away” lead on.

I remember watching all of the movies and wishing that I was a Jedi who could use “the force” willingly. Not only did I watch the movies, but I also played the Lego Star Wars game on my GameCube. My favorite character was (and still is) Yoda. With his wisdom and overall greatness, I feel like he would be the best grandpa ever. What amazes me about the entire Star Wars phenomena is that it has continued to remain just that for nearly four decades… A phenomenon!

To make things even more amazing, the next installment to the Star Wars franchise is set to be released later this year. Whether it is children, teenagers, or adults, Star Wars has captivated the minds of countless individuals and will continue to do so for generations to come!