October Horoscopes

By Ashley Womack

Aries: You have recently hoped to accomplish a lot today, however you may find yourself feeling distracted or tired… that’s okay. Aries are natural workers, and feel the need to keep themselves busy because of your restless energy, but don’t forget to give yourself a break. Follow your heart and give yourself some personal time, you deserve it!

Taurus: Recently you were extremely enthusiastic about starting a new project or adventure but now you are second guessing yourself. The universe is not telling you to stop from jumping into the unknown but to stick with your goals. Serendipity is on your side, believe in yourself!

Gemini: “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you” Luke 6:31 The Bible. Gemini, someone close in your life will come with a request, but they have a record for hurting you. Don’t jump to conclusions and refuse them because of their past mistakes, step into their shoes and imagine what they would do for you if you needed their help. Always take the higher road.

Cancer: Moonchild, keep in mind that a new opportunity today involves more than just a destination tomorrow but a journey ahead.

Leo: There may be drama in you right now but remember that everyone learns from their mistakes, so what can you learn from this that might benefit you later on in life? Everything is going to be okay, and with perseverance you can accomplish anything life throws at you.

Virgo: Right now you have to learn to go with the flow. Even though you like to have a detailed plan of your life, the wheel of fate might change those plans without warning. Just be flexible, your quiet savvy and whatever plan you come up with next could be better than your original.

Libra: Right now our on a winning streak, and you feel as if nothing can touch you. However don’t let this go to your head, a great man/women is humble and intelligent, not arrogant.

Scorpio: You may feel guilty for letting someone down recently but the only way to make things right is to apologize and explain your side to the best of your ability. Honesty is the best quality.

Sagittarius: You may being sensing that you are being isolated by your friend and family but nothing could be further from the truth. You are constantly being asked for advice and friendship, this is just a breather from the “chaos”, enjoy your “vacation time” while it still lasts.

Capricorn: Right now is the time for “baby-steps”. You may have recently failed but don’t give up! To get back into the swing of things, set realistic goals that you know you can accomplish!

Aquarius: You may be feeling stressed right now about making certain decisions, but even though it’s scary to choose, just know that those around you love you and support whatever you chose.  Once you relax your answer will appear.

Pisces: Now is the time for rationality. You may feel the desire to pursue unrealistic dreams but try to envision the end result and where you want to be in the future.

Image credit: Huffington Post