The End of Deflate Gate

By Carina Scher

Ah Fall, when preseason comes to an end, and the real games begin. While fans sit at home, desperately waiting for the 2016 football season to start,  each team goes through a long process of preparation. This involves the draft of players, rigorous practices, and unfortunately, inescapable team cuts.

This particular preseason, however, left fans on the edge of their seats, waiting for Judge Richard M. Berman to make a final decision on Tom Brady’s brady

Deflate Gate has isolated New England fans from their football loving brethren, yet they continue to fight together, and never lose faith in their almighty Tom Brady. Hundreds of shirts, hats, posters,

and other merchandise saying “Free Brady” and “Fire Goodell” (the commissioner of the National Football League) have been made. freebradywhite_1024x1024

Every non-Pats fan has spent their time hissing and criticizing the Patriots family, but hey, they have the right to be mad. No one likes a cheater, and for Bill ( the head coach) and Brady, it wasn’t their first time being sneaky.
After months and months of waiting, Judge Berman finally reached a shocking decision.  Brady’s four game suspension was removed and the New England family was relieved. One explanation for his reasoning is that Brady was never informed of the possible punishments he could receive. This was considered an infringement of his rights. While Tom would go unpunished for his role in the ball deflating act, Robert Kraft (the team owner) still accepted the other penalties placed on the team. The Patriots forked up $1,000,000 and lost 2 draft picks for the 2017 season. Also, keep in mind, Brady was willing to receive a 1 game suspension for his lack of cooperation in court.

After the Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XLIX, they decided to throw their own celebration (and banner unveiling) on the night of their home opener, in Foxborough. (This was also the first game of the season). In previous years, Roger Goodell and the NFL have been in charge, setting up live performances that include, bands, dancers, and fireworks. However, since Goodell and Kraft aren’t on the best terms, the NFL’s party was held separately in San Francisco, the location of Super Bowl L. In fact, this was the first time Roger Goodell didn’t attend a Super Bowl Champion’s season opener!

On September 3rd, 2015, the case might have officially ended… But every football fan knows, it’s the topic of the decade and neither side will cease to argue.  

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