Join a Sport Today!!

By Ashley Rosa


It’s often hard to find friends once you are new to school , especially when it comes to high school. It’s harder in high school because everyone has their own cliques and while it’s often hard to become a new member…it’s not Impossible .

One easy way to make new friends is by joining a sport . Sports are where you can meet many people in school. If you are like me and are not very good in any sport you should still try your hardest to try out because you never know. You can go to the school website and check out the sport of your choice . You can research what their conditioning is like. This will help  you train early and be in shape and ready for what’s to come. The worst thing that can happen is you won’t make the team but don’t worry because you won’t be the only one . You might even meet some people while trying out that don’t make the team and you become friends  with them and others . Don’t be afraid by thinking you are the only one who is going to do some things wrong. You would be surprised at the things you will be able to accomplish. Don’t let fear  shut you down and instead, make fear your motivation . Don’t even let what people may think of you keep you from  trying.If you are still unsure about joining a sport try joining a club.  Try something that you have never tried before and stick with it . This will help you a lot and you will start recognizing and meeting more people around the school. You can even go to football games or any other game that your school may have. Give yourself time to adjust as well!! Good Luck 🙂