Fear The Walking Dead: Review

By Carina Scher

AMC’s original show, The Walking Dead, premiered on October 31st, 2010. The series takes place in a zombie dominated world, where walkers aren’t the only thing you should be scared of! The further you get, and the more hooked you become, the more you realize your fellow humans are the real enemy, willing to do whatever they can to get ahold of your food and ammunition. The show was an immediate success, and the number of viewers skyrocketed!  Fans became so fond of the plot and characters that merchandise (figurines, clothes, posters etc.) began being manufactured and sold across America! Because of the show’s astounding popularity, directors Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson decided to give their viewers a treat…  A spin-off series called Fear The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead has a lot of merchandise… Even shoes!


This new series premiered on August  23rd, 2015, and only lasted six episodes. (Keep in mind, good things can come in small packages). TWD does a phenomenal job portraying what’s happening in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Now, FTWD tells the story of how it all started, through your average Los Angeles family.

While the series has received high ratings and tons of positive buzz on social media, it wasn’t as fast-paced as one would like. Each episode, though an hour long, covered a short span of time in the plot. (This problem was resolved towards the end of the season, with an action-packed season finale) . Many characters were disliked by the audience, as well. Their lack of knowledge on the pending walker apocalypse annoyed most viewers, since they already knew what should’ve been done after watching The Walking Dead. The cast members themselves, however, have done a fantastic job portraying their characters and learning “Los Angeles accents”.

Overall, you could live without seeing Fear The Walking Dead, but for those zombie-drama addicts, it’s a great way to cope when TWD is on break!