November Horoscopes

By Ashley Womack

Aries: You may feel extraordinarily stressed lately, and this anxiety is making you feel worn out and confused. Take a breath… in…out… Everything is going to turn out great, in fact a new opportunity is heading your way, but if you’re not focused it may slip away.

Taurus: You are going to have to work extra hard today to catch up with your goals, don’t lose faith, and trust in yourself and the Lord’s plan. Good things await you once you accomplish your priorities.

Gemini: Even though you are a very independent person, that does not mean you have to turn down peoples help. Someone might reach out to you today in the hopes of guiding you, let them. Don’t be stubborn.

Cancer: Try to give someone in your life the benefit of the doubt today. This might actually help the person change and grow.

Leo: Someone in your life needs your help, but remember that even though this person is not always very nice to you. “Always treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Virgo: A big change may have occurred in your life recently, and it hasn’t turned out like you expected. But remember the best “gifts” come in small “packages”.

Libra: Someone close to you is intriguing you, however reserve your judgments until you build trust with this person.

Scorpio: You will encounter someone off-putting, however that doesn’t mean you should write that person off entirely. This person might play an important role in your life in the days to come.

Sagittarius: Love is in the air today. You can’t wait to be with your loved one or crush, but don’t forget to put yourself first. Life is meant to be balanced between your aspirations and requirements.

Capricorn: You love to make plans, but sometimes these plans don’t go according to. Relax, and go with the flow, otherwise you will miss out on important adventures.

Aquarius: You’re stressed about making a certain decision, and you’re looking for a life line. However only you can make the call, relax and look inside yourself for the answer. It has always been there, you just have to look for it.

Pisces: The universe is sending you a message about a particular question on your mind. The answer may relate to our past mistakes, but try to keep an open mind. This lesson could impact your future.