What Are You Thankful For?

This Thanksgiving, the Dial staff went around and asked the student body of Hamden High what they’re thankful for: here are the results!

“My radiant good looks and sparkling personality.”
-Isabella Baldoni, Senior- HHS Dial Co-Editor-In-Chief

“I am thankful for myself.”
-Maria Shah, Senior-HHS Dial Co-Editor-In-Chief

“Feet so I can walk around. If I didn’t, I’d just be hopping around on little stumps, and that would be weird, wouldn’t it?”
-Emily Duenzl, Freshman

“I’m thankful for my dog and pumpkin pie.”
-Molly Meyers, Sophomore

“Black Friday.”
-Michael Barnes, Junior

“I am thankful for lemons.
-Zachary Riccitelli, Freshman

“I’m thankful for my family and friends that I have that always support me.”
-Wendy Valdovinos, Junior

“Besides my family and friends and pets, I’m thankful for modern medication and technology.”
-Carina Scher, Sophomore

“I’m thankful that we don’t have to go to school on Thanksgiving. Thanks, pilgrims.”
-DJ Williams, Senior

“I’m thankful for opposable thumbs, because without them I wouldn’t be able to pick up this pen and express my thankfulness.”
-Dean Fedorchak, Freshman


“I guess I’m thankful for having a family that cares for me, having more than enough food to eat, a chance at a good education, and good friends.”    -Vinh Ung

“I’m thankful for the people I meet and for the people who make me smile.”
-Ah Young Wood, Sophomore
“I am thankful for well-made French fries, for they provide much happiness.”
-Jack Duenzl, Junior


-David Martindale, Senior
“I am thankful for people with a good sense of humor.”
-Sonia Epstein, Freshman

“I’m thankful for a free education and the ability to see everything life has to offer good and bad- basically I’m thankful for being alive and just experiencing new things that will help shape my future. But also for food, animals, seasonal changes, INTERNET, friends, etc.
-Jaylnne Costin, Sophomore

“I’m thankful for being able to learn in a positive environment!”
-Maya Verghese, Freshman

Comment below and tell us what you’re thankful for!