Pride and Penmanship

By Ela Pinar

Once again I am stuck on the corner of no ingenuity and no will to write

The horns of college application cars blaring, so I know I must make a choice

It’s at times like this where I ask the essay gods.

“Please help me through these metaphors and colloquialisms”

“Guide me in my path to turning abstract segments into coherent thoughts”

“Embellish my writing with hints of self-pride but don’t verge into false representation”

No answers for me

I’m stuck with my poor attempt at defining my life

As if I can do that in one essay

Maybe I’m too complex for the college essay

There’s no defining moment for me because I have no definition

I am a collection of different personas

An enigma of a human

One that cannot be pinpointed by societal institutions


I have no essay because I cannot fit into the confines of an essay


No one inch margins can limit me

Oh, that’s good

I should probably put that in my essay