Inside Scoop on Homecoming 2016

By: Justin Feldshon

One of the most exhilarating times of a student’s high school career is the annual homecoming dance. The origins of the homecoming dance stem from the early 1900s. When the tradition is believed to have taken off, football rivals would compete and many alumni of schools would join in with large celebrations including parades, and dances. It is evident that this tradition is still being practiced today with few modifications, and it’s thriving popularity makes it likely that homecoming dances will always be around.

Homecoming is especially important to underclassmen who may not have the opportunity to go to prom so it is their only shot at going to a school dance. A common tradition of the Hamden High school version of the dance is having a homecoming committee that decorates the hallway eccentrically. When students arrive they are greeted by a certain theme. This decoration process surely benefits students due to the opportunity of some memorable photographs. Students who work in the Hamden High school restaurant also prepare the food which is very pleasing to the taste buds.

Many other schools have homecoming dances much earlier on in the autumn season but we have it in the midst of November which is great because it gives students more time to prepare for this special day. Students dance and socialize with their friends and overall it is an unforgettable night each year. As stated before, the Hamden High school version of the homecoming dance is usually accompanied by a theme which gives this event organization and “pizzazz.”  Past themes have been an enchanted forest and even old Hollywood where students would walk down the red carpet.

As junior class secretary, I am one of the people in charge of homecoming committee, so luckily I have an inside scoop on this year’s theme. Formulated by class advisors, Ms.McClure and Mr. Migliore, this year’s theme is “Through the Decades.” Once students enter the building and hand in their ticket, they will travel through the hallway but what is even more spectacular is that they will be traveling through the decades. Students will start off in the 1920s and make their way through the 20th century until they reach present day in the gymnasium, where the dance is taking place. Something unique about this year’s theme is that chaperones will be dressing up to correlate with a certain decade to give it a more professional feel. I am in charge of the 1980s portion of the hallway, so expect it to be “radical!”