Hamden High Football

By: Nashali Morales

For the last week Hamden has lost two homecoming games but for the first time in 2016, the varsity football team won to Lyman Hall by 26-13. The football players tragically lost two homecoming games in a row and all felt bad, but that win on Friday got the team excited and energized for the next game. As Tank, a 16 year old varsity football player said, “We need to focus more on better plays.” I also interviewed other players who are in the varsity team including Tito Pierre, a senior, and Jayquan Bromell, a junior, and Edwin Figueroa, a freshman. They all agreed that it would be an absolute miracle if they win more games, because it would catalyst in better opportunities coming to them like scholarships to great football colleges. For a younger perspective, I had interviewed Edwin Figueroa and asked him how he felt about losing two games. He told me that it was a bad start for the season. I followed up by asking him about how he felt winning that game on Friday. He said, “Well I thought it was a good turn around.” When questioned on what he believes the varsity team needs to focus on he simply replied, “We need better defense.” Well here you have it, do you guys think they can win again? Don’t forget to wish them good luck on their next game!  

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