Five Tips for High School Success!

By: Carina Scher

We are well into our second marking period here at Hamden High and students are starting to buckle down. While our attitudes rise during this time of year, anticipating the holiday season, grades do not exactly get the memo. Here are some ways to keep your grades as high as your holiday spirit when the going gets tough!

Tip 1: Do Your Homework!


To many this seems like a tedious task, but trust me, it is worth doing! In many cases, homework is more important for your grades than teachers admit.. Completing at-home-assignments are especially important for those who are not great test takers. Not only does it give your grade a backbone and a better chance of becoming an A, but it also helps you familiarize yourself with the material and illustrate to your teacher that you understand the topic. Though laziness and procrastination are battles every high schooler fights, they are important ones to overcome.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Afraid of Your Teachers!

The students who find themselves struggling in class are the same kids who lack the confidence or motivation to ask a teacher for help. I promise you, they do not bite! What’s the worst that can happen? A good teacher will give you an answer that goes beyond the scope of your question, better preparing you for your next test. Remember, it never hurts to ask for help, and you could even be assisting a classmate who has the same question.

Tip 3: Reread, Reread, Reread!


Reading, and especially rereading, books or assignments seems to easily bore students. But, just like homework, it is worth not being indolent about. Though it may be hard to see, rereading helps your brain better interpret the material. Additionally, having a better understanding of your task allows you to complete it with more confidence and accuracy.

Tip 4: Proofread! Check Over Your Work!

Whether on homework, a test, an essay, or even an article, you should always look over your work (providing  you have the time to do so). Teachers have eyes like hawks, and are always checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not let a misplaced comma or letter be the downfall of your good grade! By proofreading your own work, you may even find a better answer to your question!

Tip 5: Put Down Your Phone and Sleep!

I will admit, this is undoubtedly the hardest step for most students to achieve. For a high schooler, getting into bed and falling asleep are two totally different things that happen at two totally different times. More often than not, it is one’s cell phone that decides the latter. I know it is quite difficult… Instagram and Snapchat are call

ing me, to, but one must consider the benefits of sending a snap versus getting more shut-eye. Not only will a good night’s rest improve your brain’s function, but it will also boost your attitude for the following day.