A Review of Sherlock’s Fourth Season

Dear DIAL Readers,

Season four of the Sherlock Holmes BBC T.V. show was just recently aired and I have been dying to talk to you ALL about it! I am a lifetime Sherlockian, which is ironic because my brother is a lifetime Whovian, of the show Doctor Who. Both brilliant shows were written and directed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Sherlock itself is based upon the original novels of Sir Arthur Connan Doyle (“Sherlock Holmes”). I have read the first three in an attempt to sherlockshove off my appetite for more BBC episodes. Overall, the show is bloody brilliant and I urge everyone to watch it, right now! I won’t divulge what happens in season four, only because that would ruin everything if you haven’t seen a wink. But I will say this; season four was extremely heart wrenching, beautiful, and sad. I truly hope the series continues. There are a myriad of rumors circulating the web that episode three of season four was the finale… But Sherlockians like myself live in hope of more thrilling adventures with Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes to come.  I hope you venture to watch this mad and dashing show because it is very dear to my heart and I could only wish the characters touch your heart as they have touched my own.


Ashley Womack