A Fangirl’s Guide to Surviving Hiatus

Eventually, the show that you’ve been following faithfully for the past few months will come to an end. It might have gone on winter break, or the season ended and there’s been no word of when it will come back. As a result of my many years of becoming way too obsessed with TV shows, here’s a little step-by-step guide on what to do during the break:
1. Cry

2. Rewatch

3. Create social media accounts to discuss your show

4. Complain on said social media accounts

5. Cry again

6. Wait for the show to maybe come back on
Ok, I’m kidding, but not really. All the shows I watch are currently on break, and I am suffering. The good part is that most of them will come back, as it’s only mid-season for them. But then, I have no idea if some will even get renewed (Pitch). So, here are the real things you can do to survive hiatus.
1. Rewatch the show

This one seems to be a given. If it’s the season finale, you will most likely be in denial about what happened, so a rewatch would hopefully make the experience less painful. Also, if the premier is so far away that you might not remember what happened in the finale, rewatching is necessary. This reminds me, that I have to rewatch 2a of Supergirl before the show comes back on January 23rd on the CW at 8 pm.
2. Get involved online

Social media has become a great way for people who like the same things to interact with one another. You could make new friends to discuss the show with, or join the fandom (fanbase for the show), and it’s nice to talk to someone who feels the same way as you. Twitter and Tumblr are great for this, but each have their own issues that should be taken into consideration. The best part about having these social media accounts is that you can talk to other people without leaving your house. You could also get recommendations for some great fanfiction and see some amazing fan art.

4. Start a new series

Without a show to watch weekly, you might find yourself without something to do. Currently, the only show I care about (Supergirl) is off air, so I started watching Arrow to pass the time. This method does work, but you might get too involved in the new show. This would cause the cycle of your favorite show going on hiatus to continue.
5. Do something with your life

This one is self-explanatory. Hopefully the show isn’t your entire life, so doing anything else will help you pass the time. I recommend taking up a hobby or petting a dog.
Good luck with hiatus, you’re going to need it.

By Amelia Antonucci