Black Chicago Teens Kidnap and Torture White Disabled Man


On Wednesday January 4th, 2017, the Chicago police announced that they had arrested four adults for kidnapping and torturing a handicapped white male. The African-American assailants streamed a live video of their abuse on Facebook. The viral video shows the victim tied up with tape, being repeatedly sliced at with a knife, hit, and harassed. Furthermore, the video explains that their kidnapping was in protest to express their disgust for white people and the President -elect (at the time) Donald Trump.  The four assailants primarily shouted at the abused victim “****Donald Trump, **** white people, boy!” The video gets increasingly more violent and disturbing. For example, the victim, while in holding, was forced to drink from the toilet in addition to being scalped. The video ends with one of the attackers saying he’s going to “shank” the white male, all the while the victim was pleading for his assailants to stop.

Five hours later, his assailants left the room to yell at their downstairs neighbor; leaving the victim time to escape.  A nearby man walking alongside the street noticed the victims bloody garb and called 911.

The Chicago police said the mentally handicapped victim was released from the hospital after being treated for his injuries. These traumatic events have left numerous mental “scars” on himself as well as the local community.

“UPDATE [09:20 AM EST]: Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmo said Thursday morning that the four black suspects made “terrible racist statements” during the assault but that police believe the victim was targeted because he has “special needs,” not because of his race. Guglielmo added that investigators are looking at whether the assault falls under hate-crime laws, and said charges are expected later Thursday.  – See more at:”

I understand that this was extremely distressing to read. But I think its exceedingly important to talk about. Racism, able-ism, and kidnapping are alone despicable… and easily avoidable. If you see something, say something because everyone on this Earth matters. January is raise awareness month, and I would like to raise awareness today by sharing that you can make a difference. Violence is never the answer! If there is a problem, seek an adult and ask for advice. Remember, we should all treat each other the way we would like to be treated because all lives matter.

By Ashley Womack