Dear readers,

With a new year always comes new year’s resolutions. My own was to run three half marathons and one full marathon by the time I turned 18. My dad runs constantly and I have recently picked up the habit. For myself, running is a sport that makes me feel mentally and physically happy. Now, to those of you still reading who reciprocate my love for running and want to know a few brilliant tips on how to run a half marathon, please stay tuned.



First off, running is a mental sport more than anything. If you aren’t positive and/or maintain a healthy frame of mind; running long distance will get tricky. If your stressed about upcoming tests or social pressures, try meditating! I know it sounds like a crazy idea that would never work, but trust me it can. Meditation and yoga de-stress the body and allow for your mind and physique to connect in a peaceful shift.

Secondly, diet is half the battle. I recommend cutting out all junk foods. What’s a “junk food” you ask? Well, in my opinion, a typical “junk food” is anything that is not made with whole organic foods; i.e. potato chips, soda, high-fatty processed foods…etc. Just thinking about those foods makes my stomach yearn for an apple. But seriously, eating a healthy and balanced diet will significantly improve your exercise goals by allowing your body to fuel up on proper micro-nutrients. Also, don’t think of this new food transition as a “diet”, think of it as a lifestyle. A diet is temporary; whereas a lifestyle is a consistent alteration in your habits. Remember that these minor changes in your consumption and attitude towards your running goals will further your life expectancy and mind for the




Lastly, run a half marathon for you! Don’t run for anyone else except yourself because running is a solo sport. For instance, if you have been training hardcore, in the hopes of catching someone’s eye, these wonderful habits will die out. Think long and hard why you want to run a half- marathon… or even why you want to be the healthiest and strongest you’ve ever been. When your mindset is clear, make a realistic training schedule. Please consult your doctor to make sure your body is ready to run a half, and ask if he/she has any tips that can further help you along in your journey.

Never lose hope! And never forget why you love to run!


Ashley Womack- a fellow runner